A porch by Lancaster Building Services will enhance the entrance to your home and can provide convenient space to store your everyday outdoor clothing and shoes whilst at the same time, keeping your home clean and tidy.

orches by Lancaster Building Services are the answer to: where do you put those muddy boots, shoes and wet coats together with the other jumble we all seem to accumulate but cannot throw out.

Porches by Lancaster Building Services donít cost the earth and once you have one you will wonder how you carried on before. Let me tell you why. Porches give you that extra room to put all those shoes, boots and coats that all seem to find themselves onto the back of chairs, door handles and of course the post at the bottom of the stairs.

Another plus point of porches they keeps your house clean, shoes off in the porch please! The house is clean once more. Porches will also add valve to your property as it will give that extra bit of space plus enhance your house. One point people forget about is that porches will help to keep your house warm as it will cut down on heat loss.

Porch security puts another barrier between you and an intruder, all the windows and doors will have multipoint locking systems that meet with insurance companies approval.



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